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"Landscape design for your home is a huge investment and if done well it can increase the value of your home by as much as 20%. The key is the right plant at the right place."

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Residential and Commercial Landscaping Services:

  • Landscaping Installation - We provide healthy plants and it all starts with improving the ground with soil amendment's to provide healthier more successful plants.
  • Landscaping Rejuvenation - If your landscaping is overgrown it may be more cost effective to prune the existing plants to rejuvenate them to a more manageable size.  With proper pruining they will be allowed to grow healthy.
  • Professional Maintenance - We educate our clients of the proper time and method for pruining their plants.  Improper pruning can weaken plants, leave them suseptible to infection and disease, poor growth structure, and overall frustration.
  • Waterfeature Installation & Maintenance - A great way to relax is with the sound of moving water.  A pondless waterfeature can be installed for low maintenance and provide that tranquility.
  • Low Voltage Lighting - This style of lighting lasts longer than solar lights and provides a more professional look.  This is achieved with a transformer that will reduce the standard 110 volts to a safe 12 volt system.
  • Natural Hardscaping - Using beautiful natural stone, we can construct garden walls, retaining walls, boulder placement, flagstone patio, and/or walkway.
  • Drainage Work - We can problem solve and calculate storm water runoff and determine the best solution to help reduce the potentially damaging effects of water.

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